Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Living My childhood dream

I still remember the first gemstone I cut , way back in the 70's at the ripe young age of 14,,, I still have that nice Turquoise cab and in fact I carry it around in my wallet as a reminder of what my hands can create.

Searching the world for gems and then bringing them to market was indeed my childhood dream. My inspiration and hero was and is Jean Baptist Tavernier the 17th century french gem dealer.

Like Tavernier I too traveled to live and trade in far away India, Africa and Thailand. In fact I never returned home for 6 years! 

My shop on Etsy gives me a rare opportunity to really capture the essence of the handmade jewelry sector, I sell to and work with some truly talented jewelers around the world. By the numbers, women account for 95% of our sales. I am amazed by the idea that I can supply them a gemstone and be part of their creative process.

We love trying to figure what the next "hot" gemstone trend will be,,, colors, shapes and size. And our shop in Bangkok sees a constant stream gem merchants from around the world. So if there is something special or unusual please reach out and ask!

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